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to one u.s. official, the new focus is on reactors three and four, where old spent fuel rods are in danger of over heating and releasing plumes of radioactive activity. >> it is dangerous than the meltdown, because there's more radiation in an unguarded fuel pond. >> old fuel, it actually is more dangerous than the meltdown. its radiation in an unguarded spent fuel pond, but a full scale meltdown remains a possibility. at reactor three, the 5-foot container of concrete and steel around the vessel is damaged. all u.s. citizens in japan should continue to carefully monitor the situation and follow the guidance of the u.s. and japanese governments. >> according to the official, this morning's mission to cool the reactors with military helicopters, dumping buckets of water has failed. the japanese plan is to restart with a power line. american officials fear they may not work. which is why the u.s. is sending its own high pressured pumps in. 180 workers, all at great risk to their lives are being rotated in and out of the danger zone. outside, thousands are being evacuated. >>
a table by the window. >>> so, do you need a job? forbes released the list of the top u.s. cities who need work. baltimore is number 8. salt lake city was in third and austin, texas was next. you have >>> you also may want to work on your credit score. there are more reports of job seekers denied work because of credit scores. in response to the situations, the maryland lawmakers are looking to limit the ability of businesses to run credit checks. >>> well, at&t strikes a big deal with t-mobile. they'll buy t-mobile for close to $40 billion. it will be the largest company in the u.s.. it would serve 43% of america's cell phones. for t-mobile customers it doesn't change anything. this could probably take about a year. >>> well firework you want -- well, if you want a quality education without spending all of your crash, you don't have to go for. howard county community college is a good bet for you. according to money magazine's article, it's affordable. it's where people are sending their children and saving thousands. >>> well, facebook is a lifeline for one student. how he used the socia
of a damaged nuclear reactor to stay inside. that is the same advice the u.s. government is giving to americans in japan. meanwhile, other countries are telling their citizens to leave tokyo because of the radiation concerns. >>> as the crisis in japan goes on it was the nuclear component that could potentially do the worst damage. ening -- engineers trying to head off meltdowns. many people have already been evacuated in fears of radiation contamination. experts say it can lead to cancer. how bad people are affected depends on how close they are to the radiation source, how much radiation they were exposed to and how long that exposure lasted. >>> a westminster woman is charged with giving a fake bomb report. maryland state police say 30-year-old serinna jones called the carroll county emergency operations center monday saying there was a bomb in westminster at the courthouse. that call led authorities to evacuate buildings and shut down nearby roads. she was arrested hours later. >>> weatherwise, we've seen clouds thickening up across the state today and radar beginning to show up on maryl
? some say they are offended. what does the u.s. do with illegal aliens? possible action, u.s. shoots them into outer space and the u.s. puts them to death. >> reading the question and reading the answer, part of his homework assignment was pretty disturbing. >> the third grade teacher who was assigned was not identified. the district will decide whether there is any penalty for the teacher. >>> another mid-air mishappen. take a closer look. >>> and it pays to plan ahead. more on the fees the airline is charging >>> in tonight's consumer alert, automaker hon da is -- honda is temporarily cutting production. they say it's because of the shortage of parts. they are able to stay open with shorter hours. honda didn't say which models will be effected. >>> you will be paying extra fees if you wait to pay for carry on luggage, than travelers who pay on-line. if you pay over the phone it's an extra $10. flyers who pay for carryons early and aren't members of the airline's fare club. it affects how you're paying and you don't know. >>> twitter users could follow and track any seat. amtrak say
of the -- libya. the roll of the u.s. is backing off. >>> facebook is a way that many of us communicate. how young is too young? what kind of guidance to parents need? >>> it's spring and winter isn't willing to acknowledge that fact. it's a cold, gray day as we look outside at 695 and liberty road. the traffic is moving. we've been tracking the developments on air and online. we're standing by for a snowy weekend. >>> yeah, ironic, isn't it, rosie? this is the first full weekend of spring. we'll take a turn for the wintry as we see a chance of snow. in the meantime, a decent friday night. it's chilly. 46 at the inner harbor and 40 in york and 43 in came bridge right now. a cooler day than arch for sure. the average highs should be in the upper 50s. as we look at the satellite, the clouds are rolling in to the state. there were a few snow showers towards morgan town and far western maryland may see flakes. this won't affect us in any big way. we're crystal clear in the central part of the state. the next disturbance will be a game changer. we'll-- we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >>> the po
. barry levinson is the script writer. this was the worst terrorist attack on u.s. soil before 9/11. >>> now, the latest on a man accused in the tucson shooting rage. he faces charges that includes the murders of a judge and an aide. gabrielle giffords and others were shot and six of the viewers died. >>> now, for tonight's top stories. the baltimore county police busted an auto burglary ring. three men took orders from a ring leader and stole parts. the ring leader is bailed out and his two alleged accomplices are turned over to immigration authorities. >>> a house committee voted 12- 10 to vote on the same sex committee. same sex couples will have the full marriage rights as other couples. >>> it's a case of arachnephobia for some mazda owners. it's because a spider likes to build its nest in the fuel system. >>> is that not the strangest recall you've heard? >> cars called back for spiders. spiders dig the mazda 6, man, what can we say? >> crystal clear outside. we should continue to stay dry here. i would say for another 24 house. by this time tomorrow, we'll have a few showe
of the u.s. are now showing trace amounts of radiation. that radiation is associated with the crisis in japan but far below anything anybody should be considered about at this point. >>> you have to admit most of us are not worried about this until now. of a a half-dozen recent quakes -- after a half-dozen recent quakes including the recent ones in japan, john matarese says earthquake insurance is a good idea so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: images of the devastation in japan have many of us getting nervous about earthquakes. it's a fact. the earth has been hit with more earthquakes in the past few years than normal. japan, haiti, new zealand, just a few. so, is it time to buy earthquake insurance? images from tv japan, and you wonder how vulnerable are we? the good news, the u.s. experiences only 2% of the world's earthquakes. the bad news, according to "marred -- smart money" magazine, premiums for earthquake insurance have been rising dramatically because of the disasters, especially hurricane katrina. expect to pay between $300 and $525 a year for quake insurance. >>
is the first u.s. auto maker to stop production. >>> one group of student athletes from japan decided to push on with their plans to the united states. we caught up with the lacrosse team. >> reporter: the earthquake hit five days before the ko lacrosse team was to depart for the u.s.. the school wasn't directly affected by the quake, to continue on, it wasn't an easy decision. >> that was really difficult decision to go ahead. but, we had a discussion, finally, we decided to come here. japan is moving forward. we have to go forward. >> reporter: the team will visit new york and washington, d.c. this week, they're in baltimore, not just to soak up lacrosse history, but also to play exhibition games sport is exploding in popularity and japan. >> the motto is, lacrosse makes friends. that's what drew them to the sport primarily. that was the relationship with johns hopkins and also, this opportunity to build friendships. >> reporter: and the players take the game seriously. >> they're passionate about it. they take it seriously. they've stud did more film than you can imagine. >> reporter: the
and found along rolling road. >>> less than a week after the u.s. supreme court upheld protesters' rights to picket military funerals a maryland congressman is fighting back. congressman dutch ruppersberger proposed the safe haven for heroes act, the nation's highest court ruled in favor of the westboro baptist church as a matter of free speech. the safe heroes act would limit the time, place and manner by which they exercise that right. >>> a decent-looking day of weather. we have sunshine, clouds rolling in midday. then more clearing late this afternoon. i wish i could say that is going to hold up. it won't. we have big rain coming in tomorrow night. first look at temperatures. we've got mid-40s in most of the immediate baltimore area. 45 in lutherville. 48 edgemere -- or 46 rather. also 46 annapolis. easton 47. we're watching a big rainmaker brewing to the west. it will continue to track in to maryland as we go into the next 24 hours. probably arriving just at or after we hope the evening rush tomorrow evening. then that rain gets heavier and steadier overnight tomorrow. that's why w
. >>> today is opening day for baseball here in the u.s. but the earthquake and tsunami has quieted the passionate japanese fans and pushed back the start of their baseball season. reports from tokyo, players are using the extended offseason to help out the victims. >> you'll hear the sounds of baseball along japan's ravaged northern coast, just not cheers for professional baseball. high school ball is the only show on tv for evacuees. the region's biggest star far from the field collecting donations. he plays for sendai's eagles. a team displaced by the disaster. everybody rallied to help us, he says, we must do our best to win for them. opening day in japan has been delayed. japan's national past time taking a backseat to a national crisis. just like the yankees after 9/11. the saints after hurricane katrina. japan's biggest players have used their unique status to help and unit this baseball loving country. red sox pitcher matsuzaka has given a million dollars to the red cross. ichiro has done the same. his team dedicating the first six games to northern japan's relief efforts.
and then held her at gunpoint while she drove to the dealership. >>> scary finding in a u.s. airways plane. the pilot found a hole in the side of the plane. the flight originated in philadelphia and had just landed safely at the charlotte airport. it was about to take off through another flight when they located the hole. u.s. airways grounded the plane. experts say almost anything could be to blame, a bullet, birds, lightning or just normal wear and tear. >>> i'm jamie costello. coming up all new at 6:00 -- emotional testimony today in the push for tougher punishments for drivers. who are responsible for deadly crashes. we're going to take a look at the proposed changes. plus, a mother says her daughter was bullied so badly that she considered taking her own life. the mother says the school calls it a minor dispute. we'll see what started it. that and more coming up at 6:00. with my friends, we'll do almost anything. out for drinks, eats. i have very well fitting dentures. i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free keeps the seeds from getti
the better business bureau, the american society of travel agents, or u.s. tour operators association. be skeptical of any pictures. what you see isn't necessarily what you get. since most spring break destinations stay popular year in and year out. ask upper classmen for their research. do a payment with a credit card, which offers more consumer protections. and once you're on the way, students should let someone back home, whether it's mom, dad, another relative, or just a friend know where they're staying, relevant phone numbers, and a full itinerary of departures and arrivals. for consumer watch, i'm karen capa. >> local students saw a crime forensics team. bringing csi to baltimore. >>> and an honor code violation. it's one of the top college hoops stars kicked off the team. why school officials say why his relationship broke the honor code. oh. forgot to run the dishwasher. [ male announcer ] twenty-four hour stuck-on food can be a huge project. but not for cascade complete pacs. with 70% more tough food cleaning ingredients, it's cascade's ultimate power tool for day old stuck
their annual automaker report card monday with a repeat winner at the top. a u.s. automaker making the most gains. honda repeated in the number one spot for the third year running. subaru and toyota were next followed by volvo. the most improved automaker in this year's survey was ford . their picks reflect the top five. >> overall this group of top picks reflects the growing competitiveness in the auto try. >> reporter: they include the honda fit for budget cars. small car hyundai elantra . family desan. nissan altima . sporty car ford mustang. green car toyota prius. the family suv kia sorento. for pick-up trucks chevrolet's avalanche. the list points to automakers striving to improve and competition that puts buyers in the driver's seat. >> if you look at on the picks four or five years ago dominated by honda and toyota. as you see from the top picks today they are from all over the map. >> reporter: for consumer watch karen cappa. >>> news around the nation starts in oregon. a family the back home after being stuck in the mountains outside portland. they got trapped after heading ou
to doctor. they hope to prevent deaths. >>> more trouble in japan tonight. the chief of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says all of the water is gone from one of the fuel pools at a troubled nuclear plant in japan. according to an associated press report, this means that there is nothing to stop those fuel rods from getting hotter and ultimately malting down. officials believe radiation levels are extremely high and that could slow down efforts to stop the temperatures from rising. >>> a delta airlines is pitching in to help the relief efforts. the company is donating a million dollars. $250,000 will go to the japanese red cross society, the atlanta- based airline will also match up to 5 million miles against customers donations to help transport volunteers and supplies. >>> and a county museum is trying to do it's part to help japanese earthquake victims. the national museum of civil war medicine is taking donations and celebrating the contributions of american red cross founder clara barton who is best for member for her work with wounded soldiers. donors can give online or on t
's seeking asylum in the u. s. her predecessor had been decapitated. >>> serena williams said it was the scariest moment in her life blood clots were discovered in her lungs but she hopes to return to tennis this summer. she's recovered from a recent pulmonary embolism followed by a hematoma. >>> when the plate attendants ask you to turn off your electronics there's a good reason for that. >>> how sweepstakes lovers are bandsing together to win it all. [ male announcer ] what if you could combine america's most advanced fiber optic network with america's most loved mobile device? wouldn't that be something? control your tv, manage your dvr remotely and with a flick of a finger, send pictures straight to your flatscreen with the fios app for iphone. to get more from your iphone, wherever you are, you need verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. . >>> from cars to computers and cruises to cash they want it all the die hard sweepstakes fans have started sweepstakes clubs. the chesapeake crabs sweepstakes clu
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